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Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha , Dubai +971 4 323 4333 +971 4 323 4334 http://www.gharanarestaurant.com
Gharana is an Indian Restaurant at Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha hotel, which brings you majestic blending of flavors of various spices and herbs with live entertainment.
Gharana an Indian Restaurant in Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha hotel, brings you majestic blending of flavors of various spices and herbs with live entertainment. Gharana brings about an experience of the Indian subcontinent through the kaleidoscope of elements of familiar monuments, culinary tastes of that region, all of which makes this restaurant to be labelled as exotic.

Gharana, simply means 'family' or household living under a single roof. In musical terms, it refers to a line of musicians where musical knowledge is passed on from one generation to another. In culinary terms, it refers to knowledge of cooking food, blending of flavours of various spices and herbs, which is passed from one generation to another.

Each Gharana has a proud claim to their individual delectable cuisine. However, at Dubai’s Gharana, cuisine is like a Mahler symphony, its beauty evident, but its construct encrypted. The theme is 'Regal Heritage', with the richness in the hues of the wall and upholstery contrasting with the oak furniture, originating from Jaipur. It is stained in golf leaf and natural, and is set off by a traditional silver swing, welcoming guests into home. Seating in the hotel is of the royal type and is affectionately called the Maharajah and Maharani tables, with their unique seats. Matching the Regal Heritage theme is the bespoke crockery and the specially design uniforms of the trained staff.

What's more, music, being a major part of the Gharana experience, customers get to enjoy ghazals, Bhli Beesri Yadein, modern bollywood or other classical tunes. As for food, Indian food is a cultural phenomenon, and the Gharana menu draws inspiration from the best cooking traditions across various parts of India, and features the finest desi delicacies. As it is known the diverse historic states of Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Rajasthan are known for their rich musical heritage and cuisines, and Gharana Dubai guarantees their most fabulous creations.

Some of the Signature dishes at Gharana are Murgh Ghazala (Hyderabad – clay oven delicacy), Nihari Al Subha(Lucknow – slow simmered fennel and ginger flavoured lamb shanks) Dal Gharana (Punjab – slow cooked overnight Dal Makhni) and Litchi Rabdi (Jaipur – saffron flavours of reduced milk contrasted with fresh lychees). Wash them down with your favourite beverage and you will be in the mood to connect with your favourite requests.

Our Menu engineering was led by the celebrated Chef Shaukat Ali Qureshi, hailing from the legendary Qureshi clan. Indian food at Gharana is certainly a proof of that and reveals a real mastery of flavour and texture.
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