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Jabbour Resto

Barsha- Heights - Boutique 7 Building, Dubai +971 4 434 5500 http://jabbourresto.com/
Have you ever heard of Labenese Restaurant in Dubai presenting the traditional foods of each Lebanese regional culture? Maybe Not... Here at Jabbour Resto, you can find all kind of unique Labenese foods that you can only find in Lebanon.
With over 10 years of experience in the food industry, Jabbour Resto is one of the best Lebanese Restaurants in Dubai. Our goal is to provide the best Lebanese taste of foods to the people living in Dubai and to those really missing Lebanese traditional foods. We have the best Chef masters who never disappoint you when it comes to the taste of food. Our team of gourmet experts have no boundaries in creating new tastes and food traits.

Our unique Lebanese identity is characterized by our traditional presentation of food and moving the spirit of the Lebanese villages. You can visit our restaurant based in Tecom. You can count on us for Lebanese food delivery in Dubai, too. Our tight schedules make it impossible to lead a slow-motion life, so when it comes to pampering your taste buds with Lebanese food, we are ready to deliver the food asap at your door step.

Our traditional Lebanese meals, takes you beyond the expected in a very smooth and tender taste, by the time you finish eating, it will all feel like a heavenly Lebanese dream!

The different Lebanese meals we offer, will be new to you and yet so familiar in an unconventional way. With more than 10 years of experience in the culinary field, our gifted chefs offer you a wide variety of traditional Lebanese meals with a little touch of magic. Your traditional Lebanese meal will not only taste good it will be looking as good.

At Jabbour restaurant, you will feel at home. Your heart will be at ease where every traditional Lebanese bite will be telling a different story. Every bite will tell you the story of the Lebanese housewife who made it, in a deliciously traditional Lebanese meal you will be moving from the highest of Lebanese mountains, passing by every corner on the Lebanese coast; by the end of your journey you will know, that this traditional Lebanese taste is like no other, you will know that life couldn’t get any better than this!

Jabbour RestoLebanese Restaurant

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