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Kilby Cafe & Restaurant

Discovery Garden, Building No: 15, Street No. 1, shop Number 5 & 6, Dubai +971 4 440 5994 http://kilbycafe.com/
Kilby Cafe is an Asian fusion restaurant located at Discovery Garden, Dubai. Although tea is our specialty, we also offer Asian food items, fast food and other dishes with combination of Asian and western foods.
The name 'Kilby' draws inspiration from a character who serves tea in special way. Tea is our speciality and we offer it in great varieties.

We also offer fast food, Asian food items and dishes with a twist of Asian and western foods. All this, coupled with great ambiance and live music make our environment more exciting. We also have dine-in services with complete package entertainment where you are not only served foods but the environment, refreshes your mind. We also offer free home delivery services to those who are unable to approach us.

We are working to produce best possible tastes based on time-honoured recipes, popular requests, and trained cooks, renowned for their specialty. You can taste the difference between various fast foods of today, and special dishes we offer. We have spared no effort in locating the best ingredients, and endless trials of recipes from far regions to bring you the tastiest foods.

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