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Now, tough road ahead for Dubai driving license applicants

16 February 2017

The Roads and Transport Authorities (RTA) has proposed have major changes to training modules, which could make it harder to get a Dubai driving licence in future.

The RTA submitted various proposals to the Interior Ministry, which could change the manner in which training courses are carried out.  The RTA, in its latest statement said that it has sent proposals through Standardised Training Modules for Learning Driving in Dubai Team, which comprises specialists from RTA, Dubai Police and Dubai Traffic Prosecution.

In case these proposals are implemented, the following five major changes would be the norm:

1.    Eight uniform mandatory lectures will be offered to applicants seeking driver permits for motorcycles, instead of the usual two lectures. Meanwhile, heavy vehicle applicants will have to sit through nine lectures instead of eight.

2.    The applicant will have to undergo mandatory practical training on heavy vehicles, fitted with a trailer, before the license, in order to comply with applicable international standards.

3.    A key component of theoretical lectures for trainee drivers would include real-life video clips, recorded by surveillance cameras in various roads of the emirate.

4.    New medical fitness requirements will be included for elderly drivers, and they would be subjected to medical testing every three years after reaching 60 years of age, and every two years over the age of 70.

5.    The RTA approved drivers training manuals would be revised, and provision on how to deal with vehicle fire incidents and use of smart apps for reporting traffic accidents would be included in it.

According to CEO of Licensing Agency at RTA, Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, co-ordination with Federal Traffic Council for gradual issuing of driver licenses would be required.  He said he wished to endorse a period of temporary licensing of all new drivers, irrespective of age of the driver at the time of issuance, apart from endorsing 12 black points within maximum of more than a year in the traffic file of the novice driver.

The Director of Training and Drivers Qualification, Licensing Agency, RTA, Arif Al Malik, also Head of Standardized Driving Training Modules in Dubai Team, said the recommendations include re-classifying certain licenses.

Al Malik said about three categories have been suggested for motorcycle licenses instead of one category. Also, consideration would be given to the age of the driver, and engine capacity of the motorcycle.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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