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New visit visa rule permits sponsorship of friends to UAE

20 October 2015

A new visit visa law permits expatriates to sponsor their friends to visit UAE, a senior official announced.

According to Maj. Mohammad Ahmad Al Hammadi, the Director of Entry Permits Department at Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD), the new rules will be allowed, but it will strict and the criteria will be monitored.

Other factors like age, salary and profession will be looked into prior to issuing visit visa to friends. A person who wishes to sponsor his family or friends will have to draw a minimum specified salary. Under the present rule, Dh.2000 refundable deposit may be required to sponsor a friend or relative.

dubai visit visa

According to Al Hammadi, the deposit amount continues to be the same, but, there may be certain changes prior to end of the month.

The new rules for visit visas came following a federal ruling, which will be effective on 29th July at 7.30am. The visit visas for immediate family members will require a refundable deposit of Dh.1000. At present, no deposit is needed for immediate family members.

Visas are divided into 24 categories – namely, short-term visit visa costing Dh.620, with one-month validity and not extendable.

The visitors cannot go to other neighbouring countries for a visa run. They will have to go back to their home country and reapply for visit visa. However, for visitors who wish to stay longer, a three-month visa for Dh.1,120 is applicable.

Anyone who visits the country on tourist or visit visa will require insurance coverage, Al Hammadi said.

A person need not have complete medical insurance policy. Accident coverage is most vital requirement, and if a visitor has international insurance, or if a travel company has group insurance policy for tourists, it will be accepted. If a visitor has international insurance or if a travel company has group insurance policy for tourists, it will be accepted, he pointed out.
As of now, the minimum salary requirement to sponsor member are as follows:

Dh5,000 to sponsor brother/sister

Dh4,000 to sponsor parents, wife and children

Dh6,000-Dh7,000 to sponsor other relatives

Dh10,000 to sponsor friends

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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