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Dubai taxi fare up by 5 percent

23 November 2015

The Dubai RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), has increased the fare of a trip on Dubai Taxi by 5 percent.

The fare increase for part of RTA’s endeavour towards constant improvement of its services, and this rise is considered to be only a marginal increase by the authority.

The statement from RTA clarified that "For example, if the fare is Dh.30, it will now be priced at Dh.31.5".

The taxi fare has been increased almost at the same time last year too, when the flag-down rate on the street went up from Dh.3 to Dh.5, applicable for the whole day.

The starting meter fare for booked taxis were increased from Dh.6 to Dh.8 during off-peak hours. During peak hours the starting rate for booked taxis has been modified to Dh.12 from Dh.10 last year. The morning peak hours are from 7am to 10am and evening peak hours are from 4pm to 8pm.

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