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Declaration of medications mandatory for tourists and visitors in UAE

01 November 2018

According to the latest rule by the Health Ministry in the UAE, tourists who wish to bring in medication for personal use will have to seek permission to enter UAE with it.

Tourists will have to fill in an online form declaring their medication, and those who fail to do so, may be prosecuted and will have to face imprisonment.

This new law, introduced this month, is applicable to both visitors and residents. Tourists are therefore urged to fill up the requisite electronic form, if they plan to take medicine with them during their holidaying in Dubai.

declaration of medications

The Ministry of Health has also published a user guide that explains how to complete the application and the necessary supporting documents. In case tourists arrive in the UAE without this permission and necessary documentation, they may not be allowed to take along the medication with them, and are liable to be prosecuted as per the UAE law. 

Some medications that are otherwise available as over-the-counter medication in some countries are considered controlled substances in the UAE. Visitors are allowed to bring along upto three months’ supply of medication, as a visitor, or up to one month supply if the medicine is categorized as controlled by the UAE.

Therefore, prior to travel, it is necessary to check whether your medicine falls into the list of controlled drugs by scanning the list on UAE’s Ministry of Health page.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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