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The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai have announced that residents in Dubai will require permits to distribute Iftar meals during the holy month of Ramadan. The Department has advised people to follow the necessary rules on food distribution.

The Deputy Director for charitable activities at the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, Mohammed Mosabh Dahi, said that in case any person or institution distributing meals without a permit will be considered an unauthorized charitable act.

The violation will be included under the prohibition of any actions related to collecting donations or advertising through visual, audio, print media, without any permission from the department, and will expose the owner for legal accountability, Dahi said.

As per the authorities, the penalties for advertising or collecting donations without a licence are not less than Dh.5000 and not more than Dh.100,000 or imprisonment of at least one month and not more than a year, or any of the two penalties.

“Violators will be referred to the competent judicial authorities as stated in the decree regulating fundraising in the Emirate of Dubai, for the year 2015,” Dahi said.

According to the department officials, such a decision has been taken to ensure that the donated meals are safe to consume.

The officials also said that people can get in touch with the department to obtain permission for the meal distribution.

For obtaining the permission, they will have to inform about the localities and date that they intend to provide meals, so that the officials can guide them accordingly.

To apply for the permission, visit www.iacad.gov.ae and apply on the website, or call 800600. 

Emirates ID proof is mandatory, and the application should contain the location of distribution, and the name and location of the restaurant from where the food is sourced.

Robin Vinod

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