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New traffic laws introduced in Dubai

07 July 2023

Dubai has amended its traffic laws and introduced stringent penalties for motorists driving in the emirate. The amended traffic laws are applicable from 6th July.

Reckless driving and jumping a red light are considered to be more serious traffic offences and will attract a heavy penalty of up to Dh.50,000 ($13,614).

Motorists committing any of the below-said violations will have to pay Dh.50,000 as a fine for the release of any confiscated vehicle:

  • Riding recreational motorcycles on paved roads
  • Driving recklessly, and thereby endangering lives and properties
  • Jumping a red light
  • Driving with fake, forged, obscured, and illegal number plate
  • Deliberately colliding with police vehicle or intentionally damaging it
  • Driving of a vehicle by a person below 18 years of age
  • Participating in road races without permission from the authorities (such cases will have to face a hefty penalty of up to Dhs100,000 for the release of confiscated vehicle).

Confiscation of vehicles

Vehicles that have been confiscated for any of the following violations will be released on payment of Dhs10,000:

Making major modifications to the vehicle, thereby resulting in high-speed noise, disturbances during operation or driving

  • Evading the police
  • Driving a vehicle without license plate
  • Gathering drivers to watch races or participate in chaotic activities or showcasing vehicles on the road
  • Exceeding the tint percentage for vehicle windows or tinting the front windshield without permission.

New Traffic Laws

The Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai issued Decree No.30 of 2023 that updates and makes changes to elements of Decree No.29 of 2015. As per the new laws,

  • Dubai Police is allowed to seize the vehicle if it has over Dh.6000 in traffic fines. The seized vehicle would be released only after the owner pays the imposed traffic fines.
  • Expat drivers of heavy vehicles would be deported from the country if they jump a red light.
  • In order to release the seized vehicle, the driver will have to wait for the minimum allotted time to expire, settle all fines as per traffic file, redress the violation, and fulfil any other conditions issued by Dubai Police.
  • The amount to be paid for release of the impounded vehicle will be doubled in case the vehicle is impounded again within a year for committing the same offence once again.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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