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Details of new UAE Visas to be implemented from next month

15 August 2022

A major expanded Golden Visa Scheme, the new five-year Green Residency, a multiple-entry tourist visa and job-hunting entry permits are among the several residency reforms that are to take effect in the UAE next month. These new visas and entry permit form part of the largest residency reforms ever adopted in the UAE.

As per the new system, expatriates, apart from visitors, are to be benefited when living and working in the UAE. This will make the Emirates an even more investor-friendly destination for high-net work individuals and foreigners seeking a long-term presence in the UAE.

As per the UAE Cabinet decision announced in mid-April, all new executive regulations pertaining to entry and residence laws will get effective after 90 days from its date of publication in the Official Gazette.

Below is the list of visas announced in April, and most of them will get effective from next month, while a few of them will have already been introduced.

  • Multiple-entry Tourist Visa: The new five-year multi-entry Tourist Visa does not require a sponsor, and allows the person to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days. It can be extended for another 90 days. A person can stay for a maximum of 180 days on this tourist visa. The applicant is required to have a bank balance of atleast $4000 (Dh.14,700) or its equivalent in foreign currencies in the last six months prior to applying for the visa.
  • Business Visa: Investors and entrepreneurs can apply for a Business Visa without the need for a sponsor or a host.
  • Visa to visit relatives/friends: A foreigner can apply for this visa if he or she is a relative or friend of a UAE national or a resident, and does not require a sponsor or a host.
  • Temporary Work Visa: This visa is granted to people who have temporary work assignment such as probation testing, probationary project work, etc can apply for this visa. Candidates are required to submit a temporary work contract or a letter from employer, along with proof of fitness.
  • Visa for study/training: This visa is aimed at helping students / people who wish to attend training sessions, study courses and do internship programmes. The visa can be sponsored by public and private sector educational and research institutes, and require a letter from the entity clarifying details of the study, or details regarding training or internship programme and its duration.
  • Family Visa: As per the latest amendment, male children can be sponsored until the age of 25, unlike earlier when parents could sponsor their children who are under 18 only. Disabled children are given a special permit, while unmarried daughters can be sponsored for indefinite time.
  • Job Visa: Jobseekers can avail the new visa to explore opportunities in the UAE. The visa does not require any sponsor or a host and will be given to bachelor’s degree holders or its equivalent, fresh graduates from best 500 universities in the world, and those who classified in the first, second or third skill levels as per the Ministry of HR and Emiratisation.
  • Green Visa: The five-year visa permits its holders to bring along their families without the need of a sponsor / employer. This type of visa is open to self-employers, freelancers, skilled workers etc. It requires a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with minimum pay scale of Dh.15000.
  • Golden Visa: The UAE has announced the Golden Visa to a range of professional categories and investors seeking to enjoy the best quality of life in the country on a long-term basis. The categories that are currently granted golden visas (subject to certain terms and conditions) include: real estate, start-ups, scientists, exceptional talent, skilled workers, and exceptional students.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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