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UAE Passport ranked first in the Arab World

12 March 2021

The UAE Passport has been ranked first in the Arab world, followed by Kuwait and Qatar as per the global consulting firm, Nomad Capitalist.

Globally, the UAE passport ranks 38th, followed by Kuwait 97th, and Qatar 98th. These countries are followed by Oman in fourth place (103rd), and Bahrain fifth (105th). The Kuwaiti passport holders can enter 96 countries without visa or can obtain a visa online.

UAE Passport

Releasing the list of best passports in 2021, Nomad Capitalist also released 199 international passports. As per the list, Luxembourg was ranked first as the best passport, followed by Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland and Belgium.

The Passport Index is based criteria such as visa-free travel, international tax laws, happiness and development, dual citizenship, personal freedom etc. The passports of Eritrea, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are at the bottom of the list. Iraq scored only 23 points our of hundred as the Iraqi passport holder is allowed to travel only to 28 countries without a visa or with an online visa.

Nomad Capital is a tax and immigration consulting firm founded by Andrew Henderson, who advices entrepreneurs on offshore legal tax planning, citizenship and lifestyle planning.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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