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Expo 2020 unveils new musical attraction ‘The Flying Piano’

24 November 2021

A brand new musical attraction that has caught the attention of visitors at the Expo 2020 Dubai, is the ‘Flying Piano’.

This has turned out to be a hit among music lovers. The latest attraction combines music and wonder, as the female pianist dressed in a white gown, keeps playing a white piano. She is slowly lifted up into the air as she continues to play soothing music.

flying piano dubai
The audience below only get to see the 25-year gold pianist, Eleanora Costantini, and the piano. The long trail of her gown hides the mystery of how she and the piano are elevated to a height of about five metres, as the spectators continue to be seated on the illuminated seats below, watching this spectacle in amazement.

Eleanora is a pianist and a piano teacher from Venice, Italy. She enjoys flying piano performances as it allows her to focus more on playing the music, devoid of any distractions.

“These live shows represent a real connection between the musician and the audience. I started training for these flying shows about a year ago, and I find it really exciting,” she said.

The Flying Piano shows are being performed at the ‘Opportunity Pavilion Plaza’ until February.

Robin Vinod

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