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Reopening guidelines displayed outside Dubai Mosques

30 May 2020

Although Dubai is yet to reopen places of worship, the guidelines for reopening of places of worship have begun appearing in front of Dubai Mosques, although the date of reopening is still uncertain.

All places of worship in Dubai were closed on 16th March in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and this ruling extended until 9th April.

The guidelines state that the lades prayer halls will continue to remain closed until further notice. People under age 12 and those over 60 years of age will not be allowed entry.

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An empty row should be left between every two rows of worshippers, maintaining at least 1.5m gap between each worshipper.

All are required to wear gloves and masks and bring their own prayer mat, and when leaving, they should not discard or leave behind their gloves or masks anywhere.

No handshakes are allowed, and instead, worshippers should just wave from a distance. No groups are allowed to assemble before or after prayer. There will be no second prayer, or praying alone after completion of main prayers. Everyone should leave the Mosque after the prayer time.

People with weak immunity, or those with chronic disease, and coronavirus patients should not enter the Mosque.

The Mosque will remain open for 20 minutes during prayers, doors will be left open, but the Masjid will close immediately on completion of prayers.

Bathrooms and other ablution areas will remain closed and no distribution of food or otherwise should be done.

Robin Vinod

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