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Popular icon ‘Modhesh’ returns with a new friend in DSS 2020

24 July 2020

Kids and families will be in for a surprise this year, as the popular Dubai Summer Surprises icon Modhesh returns this year with a new friend.

Along with Modhesh, this year at the DSS, visitors can find a new friend, Dana, during the seven-week long summer celebration.

Promising fun and entertainment, the pair will pop up at several locations across Dubai all-through the DSS, greeting visitors and residents, and participating in a range of digital and physical activities, spreading joy and happiness.

Modhesh is back this year to add life to the dynamic spirit of Dubai and to keep up the global status of Dubai as a fun, welcoming and safe destination to live and visit all through the year.

Modhesh in Dubai DSS

Born in Dubai, ‘Modhesh’ always truly lives up to his name, which means ‘amazing’ in Arabic. On the other hand, his new friend Dana, can be found tinkering away in her laboratory exploring ways to make the future better for all. Just as her name suggests, she loves to think of new, exciting ideas. She has been represented as a happy, friendly girl, who is also brainy and bold, and full of smiles.

Dana’s bright ideas and positive approach goes hand-in-hand with the joyful character of Modhesh, and his ability to inspire, celebrate and bring happiness to all.

"We are very excited to welcome back Modesh and introduce his friend Dana to the world. A favourite for both residents and visitors who travel to Dubai every year to enjoy the DSS, Modesh truly captures the spirit, fun and excitement felt by everyone. Modesh's reintroduction has helped bring his iconic image up to date with a fresh and exciting modern style.”

"This year, he is joined by Dana for what promises to be a magical DSS adventure, and together they make the perfect team that showcases the very best of what Dubai has to offer all year round," said Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishments (DFRE).

Modhesh and Dana will together greet their friends at Modhesh World in 2021, which is expected to be a bigger and better event this year, adhering to the safety guidelines set this year.

Families are required to look out for this awesome duo at several shopping malls as they make special appearances to surprise and delight shoppers. There is also plenty of online fun this year, with a dynamic and engaging line-up of mobile-first experiences for fans of all ages.

As for now, the duo will be seen frequenting the malls and other attractions in Dubai throughout summer and all year long. Fans get to choose apparel, toys, stationery and other official DSS merchandise that feature both characters. The die-hard Modhesh fans can also choose between purchasing cool ‘retro’ themed merchandise featuring his earlier style or they can consider his brand-new 2020 image.

The DSS is expected to conclude by 29th August.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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