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New Digital Parking System to Replace Paper Parking Tickets

29 January 2020

Dubai RTA announced last Monday about the new e-parking tickets. These digital tickets will replace the paper ticket, which the motorists now display on their dashboards. It is a revolutionary move by the RTA in the city as a sign of their economic progress. Currently, motorists will find smart parking machines to pay parking fees.

They need to enter the vehicle details and pay the fees using the pre-paid Nol cards. In this way, RTA is planning to replace the paper ticket completely. This new initiative is a part of the RTA's “Smart Dubai and People Happiness” project, where they aim to meet the road user's requirements.

RTA further said in their statement, “The project will be an ‘innovative solution’ for paying parking fees without the need for a paper ticket. The project comes with upgraded parking meters fitted with interactive touchscreens, enabling users to enter vehicle details and have e-parking tickets issued.”

e parking dubai

Dubai RTA also said about the public pole, which they conducted during a pilot run project of parking meters installation in multiple locations across the city. Based on the response, the RTA decided to launch this new project.

They mentioned to the media, “It responds to the growing public trend of using sophisticated technology that saves the hassles of issuing and displaying paper tickets on vehicles. It also eliminates offenses resulting from the improper display of parking tickets, besides enabling the payment of parking fees for motorbikes.”

Dubai RTA expects that by the end of 2022, this parking meter installation project is expected to get over. However, from the first quarter of this year 2020, RTA is planning to install these new devices in phases throughout the year.

Currently, motorists use m-parking service where they’ve to send a text message from their phones. However, this new e-parking ticketing system replaces the requirement to display any paper parking ticket on the vehicle's windscreen.

The initiative is part of the RTA's efforts to develop new services compatible with the Smart City initiative, besides supporting Dubai Paperless Strategy.

Dubai's vision is to build a paperless government framework, and this new e-parking ticket project is aligned with the city's vision.

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