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Dubai’s private hospitals hope for ‘COVID-free’ status within a month

19 June 2020

Majority of private hospitals in the UAE are well on track to becoming ‘Covid-free’, reports heads of major private-sector medical groups in the UAE.

Lately, the numbers of Covid-19 patients have reduced considerably in Dubai hospitals, as they are getting back to the ‘new normal’. Some of these hospitals have said that they hope to achieve zero coronavirus patient status in their hospital networks by end of June 2020.

Private hospitals have separate sections for Covid patients, while also ensuring that they have sufficient beds to admit patients with other health issues and hence, the number of outpatients are increasing.

private hospitals

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has given directions to shift mildly-infected patients from temporary hotel facilities to DHA-mandated quarantine centres including hotels, field hospitals and Al Warsan Hospitality Centre.

Elective surgeries and other procedures are back in full swing now, the hospitals said.

The Head of Dubai’s Covid-19 Command and Control Centre, Amer Ahmad Sharif, yesterday said that several hospitals in the emirate do not have any COVID-19 cases.

"Most government and private hospitals in the emirate have resumed diagnostic and treatment services and their capacity is not under pressure due to Covid-19 cases," he said.

The CEO of VPS Healthcare, Dr. Shajir Gaffar said that Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery has already achieved Covid-free status, while the Medeor Hospital has few more Covid patients who are under treatment and are doing well. All of them are on their way to recovery, he said.

However, even if the private hospitals go on to achieve a ‘Covid-free’ status, two or three isolation beds will be always kept aside for Covid-19 patients as a precautionary measure.

Now, elective surgeries are resuming in Dubai, and a good number of people are getting back to avail healthcare services across the hospitals and medical centres. Separate zones are assigned for treatment of patients in every hospital in the UAE, so as to make sure that there is no mixing of regular and infected patients.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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