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Dubai Metro adopts new measure for 'social distancing'

25 March 2020

The Dubai Metro has come up with a series of precautionary measures at all its stations to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection.

The latest measure is its effort put in for social distancing. Today, the commuters were perplexed to see the long line of queues piling out of metro stations as many were unaware of the new rules implemented recently.

dubai metro social distancing

Social distancing is now practised throughout the Red and Green Lines, and the number of passengers in metro carriages have been restricted.

As per the new rule, passengers are required to maintain a gap of one to tow metres to prevent possible exposure in case an infected person coughs or speaks, as per World Health Organization (WHO).

The organization also advised to avoid physical contacts such as handshakes, hugs and kisses when greeting others. Instead, try to nod, wave, or place your hand over your heart.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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