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Dubai bars to serve alcohol with restrictions after Ramadan

21 May 2020

The licensed restaurants in Dubai will be allowed to serve alcohol after Ramadan, it has been announced.

A notice from the Dubai Police confirmed that sales may begin on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when Eid was called.

The drinks should be served directly to tables. Patrons are now allowed to stand at bars even if they are part of the restaurant.

Alcohol is permitted only when food is ordered and all drinks will be served only in disposable plastic cups.

bars in Dubai


Just as in other countries, the UAE had shut down cafes, restaurants and bars in the month of March amidst growing concern over the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past two weeks, the authorities have begun easing restrictions by gradually opening shops, malls and restaurants.

The hotel beaches in Dubai were opened to guests last week, but, the public beaches continue to remain closed.

In some Northern Emirates, hotels and bars began trading two weeks ago to capitalise on staycations for residents, as they opened their pools and beaches.

Restaurants are allowed to operate with maximum of 30 percent of their capacity, and use only single-use plates and cutlery.

Swimming pools in Dubai are however, closed to the public, and hence, several residents have flocked to the Northern Emirates, where rules are more relaxed.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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