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Spreading some 'Love' in Downtown Dubai

23 May 2019

Dubai Mall never ceases to be a world of wonder. This time, it aims to attract locals and tourists alike to its premises by unveiling a classic piece of art, likes of which have never before been seen in the Middle East. The brand new heart-shaped sculpture titled 'Love Me' has been assembled right outside the Dubai Mall and has started to draw in young crowds waiting to click those awesome Instagram-worthy photos.

What's special about Love Me?

Love Me is a heart-shaped silver tinted structure designed for an intentional 3-dimensional appeal. It stands at the staggering dimensions of 5x5 meters and weighs almost as much as an adult elephant - that's 7000kgs! In fact, the structure was so huge and heavy, it had to be broken down and reassembled on the spot to be set up in place. The sculpture was a part of the Valentine's Day exhibition at Dubai Mall.

love me dubai

The creative mind behind this symbol

The concept and structure of Love Me was formulated by noted art designer Richard Hudson. Richard Hudson has long been known as a pioneer in the field of organic and contemporary art. He's a 64-year old Yorkshireman who is currently based in the art capital of Europe - Madrid. He has directed and created several beautiful art pieces revolving around the natural female form for the private collections of celebrities like Elton John, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglass.

What's your take on Love Me?

This heart-shaped sculpture was designed to symbolize lasting peace between boundaries. Richard has himself quoted that the structure is "an icon image that crosses all boundaries." The art designer has also created similar installations with sizes ranging up to 7 meters in many prominent cities around the world. His idea behind this shining 3-dimensional structure was to allow for people to become 'present' in them.

Abstract art forms in the shape of the female form are in high demand these days, and the founders of Dubai Mall have timed this exhibit accordingly. Love Me has been described by many as being natural, thought-provoking, breath-taking and above all, beautiful. It is strikingly similar to the Chicago Bean and other contemporary pieces of art erected around the globe.

So what's your interpretation of the sculpture? We'd love to know in the comments below!

Love Me - A photographer's muse

This sculpture has also captured the mind's eye of passionate photographers across the globe, many of whom try to capture its strange alluring beauty from various angles. A fantastic shot of the Burj Khalifa's reflection on the surface, especially when the LED lights of the building are turned on at night, has taken center stage in many photography communities. If you’re in the area, consider clicking a few photos of this marvel bouncing off the structure and you’ll know what we mean.

Where to find this sculpture

Love Me has easily become one of the most happening places to be at in Downtown Dubai. You can see it outside the Waterfront Promenade, near Jones the Grocer, just outside the Dubai Mall.

Lovin' Love Me?

Don't forget to click photos and loop in the Dubai Mall on Instagram and other social media! Here you find more attractions to visit in Dubai.

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