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Sky Pods - The Future of Transportation Is Here At Dubai

22 May 2019

Dubai is the country of innovation and has managed to surprise the whole world with its unique idea. Its concept of the futuristic Sky pod transportation system is no exception.
The transport department has announced that they are working on a unique Sky pod based transport system and will be soon implying it throughout the country. The crowned prince and the vice prince themselves were seen testing the prototype of these Sky pods.

skypods in dubai

Why Sky Pods Will Revolutionize Transportation System?

Sky pods are the future of the Dubai transportation system. They are fast, compact and need very less resource as compared to the existing vehicles. According to the RTA, this system will use 100 times less area than the traditional method and will need five times less electricity than an electric vehicle. 

Another good thing about this vehicle is the chain of autonomous that it has started. After the Sky pods, RTA is also directing its effort towards the Sky taxis. Dubai's crown prince is said to have visited a presentation concerning the development of Sky pods and Sky taxis.

In simple words, it won't be wrong to say that with the development of this system, Dubai is planning to automate at least 25% of its transportation system by 2030.

The Different Models of Sky Pods

Presently Dubai is working on two different models of the Sky pods. The first model is known as Unibike, and the second one is the Unicar.

The unibike is a compact and lightweight vehicle that works with a fitted power generator. It has adequate facilities to handle one rider along with the individual transport design. This unit will combine the features of both an electric vehicle with sporty looks and offer a maximum speed of 150km/h.

The other Sky pod model, the unicar have the same feature as the unibike, but its passenger space is much larger. It has enough space to accommodate up to five riders.
There are also some rumors about a much larger Sky pod vehicle which will go by the name Skybus. This particular Sky pod model will have space for transporting approximately 24 passengers with the same speed.

Working of the Sky Pods

The futuristic transportation system will run all along with the Dubai metro. It will travel at high speed and stop at approximately 21 stations throughout its route. They are predicted to transport over 8400 commuters per hour.

As for working, these pods will work on electricity. They have durable steel wheels which stick on a hanging railway to direct and control the Sky pods. However, there is no official announcement of the technology.

Other Benefits of the Sky Pod Transportation System

Dubai Future Foundation's autonomous Transport Strategy is predicting a 44% cut in the transportation charges with the new transportation system. They also said that the implementation of Sky pods would create a hike in the revenue by over $6 billion due to the reduced transport costs. 

Further, the Sky pod transportation system is not just beneficial for the people, but it is also ideal for the environment of Dubai. The adoption of Sky pods for transportation will play a drastic role in decreasing the carbon emission and other pollutants. 

Davies Krish

With a background in journalism and news reporting, Davies enjoys finding surprises and unusual sights in some of Middle East's most well-traveled destinations.

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