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Quranic Park welcomes one lakh visitors in first week of opening

10 April 2019

The Quranic Park, which opened doors in Dubai on 29th March received an impressive one lakh or more visitors in its first week of opening alone, announced Dubai Municipality.

The public park is the result of Dh.200mn development in Al Khawaneej. Spanning a good 60 hectares, the park has two main attractions to offer for visitors, namely, ‘The Glass House’ and ‘The Cave of Miracles’,  apart from the brilliant insight that it offers into several sections of the Holy Quran.

Quranic Park dubai

The Glass is home to over 29 different plants and trees mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah.  The Cave of Miracles is a man-made cave depicting miracles revolving Prophets that occurred in the Holy Quran. Some of the miracles that you can expect to see include Prophet Ibrahim’s miracle in reviving the bird, Prophet Mosa’s  miracle of the sea and Prophet Jesus/Issa’s miracle of creating a bird out of clay and more.

Apart from all the beautiful greenery in the Glass House, the park has flourishing plants, trees, flowers and orchards as well. There is a lake with tall fountains along the side of a walkway bridge from where you get the best view of the park.

The park is in proximity to the Mushrif Park, and is open from 8am to 10pm, with plenty of parking space available. The entry to the park is free, but, the Glass House and The Cave of Miracles entry may be charged at Dhs.5.

Robin Vinod

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