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Nature-inspired Mega Garden Mall is opening next year

10 June 2019

Dubai gains yet another architectural marvel in its kitty - this time, it's a mega garden mall! Boasting to have some of the world's most iconic retail structures, Dubai is now going to be home to the world's first nature-inspired shopping destination. What's special about this construction is that it has been designed to thoroughly reflect the beauty of nature through its lobbies and arenas.

Celebrating nature's bounty

In a land where dry sands and deserts take utmost precedence, having a small oasis of green is definitely a treat for the eyes. The CityMall brings the natural world to Dubai's shopping scene by hosting a 200,000 sq.ft. botanical garden at the heart of the mall. This mega garden is known as 'Central Park.' With its staggering size, Central Park is just a little smaller than 4 whole soccer fields!

The mall is designed with streams, rivers, islands, trees and flower gardens intertwining through its richly decorated interiors. The avenues are lined with regional and foreign trees to reflect the overall green theme. Most of the inner walkways have what are called 'living green walls' - walls covered with flowers and foliage to enhance the sensory experience of walking through nature.

CityMall's upper tier will also be lined with greenery and have their rooftops adorned with exotic plants and tropical flowers. This tier will overlook the scenic botanical garden.

mega garden mall

The green dream

With so much greenery around, you must be thinking whether the entire building can be dubbed as 'energy-efficient.' And by all means, it can!

The project has been laid out to maximize water usage and minimize wastage. The commitment to green is reflected in its many photovoltaic solar panels placed on the roof which supply solar energy to the mall. The gardens are irrigated using treated sewage and all storm water is harvested to avoid any sort of water wastage. To further optimize energy, the skylights and facades of the building have been constructed with energy-efficient glass. The overall design of the CityMall has tried its best to be self-sufficient and reduce its carbon footprint on the environment.

A mega budget for a mega project

CityMall is constructed by the Cityland Group, the creators of the world's biggest flower garden – the Dubai Miracle Garden. Along a similar theme, the CEO of the group, Fahimuddin Sharfuddin, announced that this project would also be portraying nature at its best. The budget for the mall currently stands at $400 million.

Which stores can you shop at in this nature paradise?

Some of the most iconic stores are said to open in this mall. With Dubai quickly becoming a shopper's paradise, the number of global brands setting up stores in the province is increasing mega fold. The first of the many stores that have opened in the CityMall is the international supermarket Carrefour. This giant set up base and began receiving customers on May 12.

Other brands which are said to open are Riva Fashion, Matalan and the Turkish store Ipekyol. A 10-screen movie theatre by VOX Cinemas and a Fabyland Family Entertainment Center are confirmed occupants in the entertainment segment of the mall.

mega garden mall dubai

Where can I find this mega mall?

The CityMall is located in the developing neighborhood of Dubailand. It primarily intends to attract customers from the surrounding 10 kms radius.

Will CityMall survive the competition?

Dubai has always witnessed intense competition in terms of building space and mall design. A major competitor for the CityMall would be Dubai Square, a souk-inspired mall which is said to host a winter-themed indoor adventure park along with the largest Chinatown in the Middle East. CityMall has the advantage of being in a developing neighborhood, a fact which will lead to greater overall area development and first-entrant benefits.

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