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Dubai reveals ambitious green plans for Expo 2020

20 August 2019

Dubai has announced plans for greenery and water features for Expo 2020, which will begin in October 2020. Dubai is on a project to convert the desert into a green and sustainable oasis decorated with unique buildings, spanning 4.38 Sq. Kms.

While the countries are announcing the designs for their pavilions, Dubai is in the process of converting the event’s location into an artistic scene that is full of lush greenery and water, so as to grab the attention of visitors from across the world.

The organizers of Expo 2020, together with the Dubai Municipality are creating sustainable greenery and are rationalizing water consumption.

green dubai expo 2020

Rationalizing water consumption

Dubai has adopted water consumption systems and plans to reuse various water sources including wastewater, groundwater discharge management, airconditioning water, and seasonal surface water flows.

The event location will include vast areas for open-air celebrations, and they will be decorated by plants that reply on drip irrigation techniques, including the Al Fursan Park and the Jubilee Park. While the former has the capacity to accommodate 2,500 people, the later has the capacity to accommodate 15,000 people.

Speaking to the media, the CEO of Development and Real Estate, Expo 2020 Dubai, Ahmad Al Khateeb said that the expo will not only feature buildings and pavilions to impress visitors, but also trails, fountains and parks that capture their attention, apart from Al Wasl Dome, that serves as a giant screen.

Vast space allocated for green cover

Al Khateeb also mentioned that the expo, together with the Dubai Municipality, has allocated an area of 220,000 sqm to a nursery for plants and trees to cultivate 12,157 trees, including the palm trees, more than 256,000 shrubs, and thousands of flowering plants and herbs.

The plants so chosen are either indigenous or are adaptable to the Dubai environment. Expo has incorporated eco-friendly methods in its design and construction stages of the nursery.

Other sustainability aspects

Solar-powered lights have been installed along the main road, and organic fertilizers are being used, apart from organizing for recycling the nursery’s waste. Treated waste water is provided by the Dubai Municipality, and it is used to meet majority of the irrigation needs in the nursery, while clean drinking water is only used for seed development during the initial stages of plant development.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of infrastructure services division at the Dubai Municipality, Taleb Abdul Kareem Jiffar, highlighted the ties between the municipality and the expo team in several areas, including landscaping. Since UAE is hosting the expo, the Dubai Municipality has carved out strategic plans for the event, particularly, by construction major infrastructure to accommodate several visitors. The municipality has delivered 863,117 plants, worth over Dh.22.5million.

According to Jilfar, the project is a major addition to the landscape of the area, wherein trees will serve as a green barrier and prevent the accumulation of sand and dust in the air, and this is also part of Dubai Municipality's efforts to implement the 'Integrated Dubai Strategy to Protect Water Resources 2030' by use of dripping and spray technologies in irrigation projects, rather than the traditional irrigation methods.  The project also uses suitable agricultural soils that help in conserving water and reducing evaporation.

Forthcoming projects

Jilfar also revealed that the Municipality is now launching a range of strategic projects aimed that fulfilling the needs of Dubai, and in preparation for hosting the expo. Among these is the tunnel project for rainwater drainage, due for completion before launch of the event in Dubai.

The expo office has also received achievement certificates from the municipality confirming the completion of the opportunities area, the movement area, the sustainability area at the expo site, which includes 86 multi-purpose buildings.

Next in line is the "UAE Water Security Strategy 2036". Water is a rare natural resource in the UAE, and about 42 percent of its drinking water is drawn through desalination.  The expo drafted its water strategy that focuses on reducing the demand for drinking water, by focusing on a hierarchy of use and using non-drinkable water for cleaning and irrigation.

A team from the Expo Live - Expo 2020 Dubai International Innovation and Partnership Programme, together with the Desert Control Company, is working to test liquid clay nano particles in the Expo's innovation park by mixing the soil in some ponds with synthetic mud.

Meanwhile, all the government authorities in the UAE are holding discussions and cooperating with one another to ensure the success of the event.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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