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UAE among top five international career destinations for expats

02 January 2017

Expatriates have recognized UAE as one among top five career destinations globally. According to the latest data released by HSBC Annual Expat Explorer Survey, UAE is the 4th best destination globally for an international career, with the country having jumped to 6th position in 2015, as one of the places that expats look to build their careers.

The UAE has been ranked as the best country in the Middle East and Asia, with the other three countries being Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden, being among top destinations for a career abroad.

The ‘HSBC Expat Explorer: Achieving Ambitions Abroad’, in its latest ninth edition, surveyed 27,000 expats from across the world, and about 3,092 in the UAE, to assess their views towards their careers in their host countries.

The latest data examines the views of people towards their host countries across eight categories, such as chances to acquire new skills, work-life balance, career progression, work culture, fulfilling work, benefit packages and earning prospects being among them.

The UAE showed improvement across all eight indicators, in comparison to views of expatriates in 2015, which indicate the constant improving work environment for people in the country. Among the primary reasons for UAE being one of the top international career destinations, highlighted by expats are its earning prospect, wherein it was ranked third, and in the benefit packages offered by employers it was ranked 5th.

As for earning prospects, it is the area that UAE is constantly recognized for, with average salaries being 14 percent higher than global average. About two-third of expats in the country, 65 percent, said that they earn more than in their home country, with Switzerland (65 percent) and Qatar (66 percent) having higher proportion of people with the same view.

The positive attitudes expressed towards the benefit packages offered by employers in the country are closely linked to this area. In fact, as per the survey, more than 91 percent living in the Middle East will receive at least one benefit as part of their contracts, in comparison to the global average of 67 percent.

In the UAE, for instance, 56 percent of expatriates said that they receive an accommodation allowance, while 75 percent receive health benefits. 

Commenting on the findings, Head of Customer Value Management, Retail Banking and Wealth Management at HSBC Middle East, Kunal Malani, said that UAE continues to be rated highly globally due to the financial benefits it offers. It is one of the prime reasons for people to seek career opportunities here and it is indicative of the success of government’s focus on diversification, which in turn has led to creation of internationally recognized and sought after working environment with world-class infrastructure and services. 

With these advantages, expatriates moving to and living in UAE can consider making the best of their lives abroad, said Kunal Malani.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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