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New job classification scheme launched in UAE

02 January 2019

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has launched a new job classification scheme, which can henceforth be used for new work permit applications across the country, a senior official said.

The new job classification scheme comprises of a list 725 job titles, that are categorized into nine professions, including managerial, specialists and clerical support staff, explained Saif Ahmad Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary, Ministry of Human Resource Afairs.

Every designation falls under one of the five levels of professional skills that determine whether a degree certificate should be provided by a work permit applicant or not.

A brief job description and a unique code are attached to each designation in the list. He further said that the new scheme has been prepared as per the International Standard Classification of Occupations. 

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Al Suwaidi pointed out that companies are only allowed to apply for new work permits with job titles from the new list.

However, he assured that expatriates holding employment residence permits with job titles that are not in the list, will not have to revise their title for renewal of job contract.

However, experts say that the new scheme seems more challenging for employers, as they have to choose a suitable job title that matches the responsibilities and educational qualifications of the foreign worker. 

For instance, the old list consisted of more than 3000 positions, and now as per new list, job titles should be accompanied by a degree certificate, said Marcin Kubarek of Fragomen Worldwide. 

Kubarek explained that employers are now left with limited options when choosing suitable job titles for their candidates, as the old list had more than 3000 designations, which was more lenient. Now, with the new list, employers are responsible to ensure that an appropriate title is identified, and that these are in-line with business activities of the sponsoring entity and are based on work activities that would be carried out by the employee, said Kubarek.

According to Al Suwaidi, the new Emirati job classification scheme is in line with HR Ministry’s commitment to achieve strategic objectives and future vision of the government, to achieve maximum human resources management and develop its skills.

The new classification may support the plans and policies applied by the ministry to make the labour market more accessible to nationals and contribute to the achievements of the objectives of UAE Vision 2021 to improve Emirati participation in private sector.

Al Suwaidi pointed out that through the new classification, the job titles in the previous classification were updated and summarised along with the job description of each profession and the qualifications and job requirements and the career path of employees.

He said that the profession that can be filled with Emiratis and the future careers were identified, which would make it easier for employers to attract Emirati human resources as well as skills and expertise from outside the country to fill the required jobs in the private sector.

The new job classification scheme is expected to meet the needs of current and future job market.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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