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Jobseekers for UAE visa may have to pay security deposit

11 September 2018

Jobseekers from certain countries visiting the UAE may have to pay a security deposit before they are issued visit and tourist visas, said the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

The legal adviser to Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Dr. Yousuf Al Sharif, mentioned that the authority is considering implementing special or pre-conditions for jobseekers. 

When pre-conditions are in place, it will ensure that visitors leave the country following expiry of their visas, said Dr. Al Sharif.

The tough regulations are aimed at helping the UAE authorities in reducing the visit visa violations. 

job seekers

The proposal comes after the authority found that majority of illegal residents seeking to avail the current UAE visa amnesty scheme had entered the country on tourist or visit visas.

Dr. Al Sharif mentioned that the authority would introduce a six-month visit visa for jobseekers at the end of amnesty scheme. This would give jobseekers enough time to apply for jobs and avoid overstaying in the country.

As per the changes made to the job visa rules in June 2018, the six-month visa is given to jobseekers overstaying their visa, but wished to continue working in the country. The authorities also allowed individuals seeking to adjust or renew their visa to do so for a fee, without having to leave or re-enter the country.

The embassies are obligated to bear the cost of air-tickets for their nationals if they overstay their visit or tourist visas. This is due to the fact that several illegal residents do not have the money to purchase flight tickets or to go back to their home countries, the official explained.

The official also warned that stringent measures including hefty fines, imprisonment and deportation would be imposed on people caught violating residency laws after the end of amnesty.

People staying illegally should avail this amnesty initiative to rectify their status or leave the country during the grace period so as to avoid facing any problems. 

Companies or employers caught employing illegal residents would be charged Dh.50,000 as fine for every worker.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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