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Social Media Bootcamp - Creative & Business Tracks

Workshops Al Quoz 07 Dec 19 09:00 AM
Social Media Bootcamp - Creative & Business Tracks
1 Day Social Media Bootcamp - Creative & Business Tracks will be held at The Fridge Warehouse 5 on 7th December.
early bird- $96 ( before Nov 30)
Event Location
The Fridge, Warehouse 5, Alserkal Avenue , Dubai
Al Quoz
Start Time
07 December 2019, 09:00 AM
End Time
07 December 2019, 06:00 PM

If you are ready to finally level up your Social Media & Business for 2020 this 1 day Bootcamp is for you!

The 1 day Bootcamp at The Fridge, Warehouse 5 focuses on two tracks: CREATIVITY & BUSINESS TRACK

They have specifically picked these two tracks to power you with that extra boost of confidence you need to get out there and build up on what you want to do. This 1 day bootcamp is perfect for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone.

Expect, crazy, fun, out of the box exercises, this mini bootcamp is full of hands on exercises that will help you raise the bar either on your Creative or Business side.

The agenda contents for both tracks will give you the kick you need to break down any barriers so you can start crushing 2020 right away!

Your ticket covers access & slides to both tracks. You can opt in to come to class for the track you need the most.


They kick off with the Creativity Track!

Here's what you can expect to learn & experience from these tracks:

Creativity Track: 9.30AM - 1PM.

• Several Apps tutorials to learn how to edit your images, how to create content that is visually
appealing without having to be a graphic designer. Expect hands on tutorials and exercises.
• How to edit & make videos! Using tools and other video apps. You might just launch your first
• How to be in front of camera, be more relaxed, find your vibe, break down the barriers that are
holding you back.
• Expect fun group exercises, role plays, improv exercises from back in my days of Acting. You will
come out feeling more confident to put out content and raise the bar on your content.
• What content should you be putting out? How to structure your believe system. Expect exercises
to unlock your super powers

Business Tracks: After lunch, at 2pm until 5pm

• How to break down your idea into business building blocks
• How to figure out all the ways you could be monetizing
• What do you need to think about when you need to execute or launch?
• How to scale your business? How to take it to the next level?
• Expect plenty of hands on exercises that will make you think and troubleshoot ways. You will be
pitching your ideas and selling.
• How to figure your products and services into revenue streams and package them to fit your
target audience.
• What super pro tactics you need to know to take your marketing strategies to the next level for

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