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Digital Earth Talks at Jameel Arts Centre

Talks and Readings Dubai 07 Nov 19
Digital Earth Talks at Jameel Arts Centre
Attend informative free talks, screenings and performances exploring Planet Earth and its data-rich counterpart at Jameel Arts Centre on 7 November - 8 November
Event Location
Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront , Dubai
Start Time
07 November 2019, 12:00 AM
End Time
08 November 2019, 12:00 AM

Those who’re interested in insightful discussions on technology and how it shapes the earth, attend two days of free intriguing talks, screenings, panel discussions and performances exploring planet earth and its abstract, data-rich counterpart at Jameel Arts Centre on 7 November - 8 November.

Digital Earth Talks is a collaboration between Digital Earth; a global research network of artists and scholars interrogating how 21st-century technology shapes geopolitics and Jameel Arts Centre; an independent institution dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art to the public and engaging communities through learning, research and commissions. Digital Earth Talks brings together artists, scholars and designers from Africa, Europe and Asia to explore how technology influences not only interpersonal relationships but also contemporary geopolitics and our understanding of the world.

Digital Earth Talks investigates the abstract tangle of fibre-optic cables and electromagnetic waves wrapped around the earth. From drilling natural resources for cryptocurrency to mass data accumulation in the clouds, we have created a data-driven world that rivals the physical one. The existence of a physical planet and its ‘datafied’ counterpart generate a discrepancy between the reality on the ground and what is recorded and broadcasted.

Confirmed speakers are James Bridle, Federico Campagna, Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga, Arianne Conty, Wael Eskandar, Jean Katambayi Mukendi, Nanjala Nyabola, Nishant Shah and Maarten Vanden Eynde.

Join experts in unravelling how this twin world distorts our perception of socio-political, ecological and economic realities.

Free and all are welcome with recommended registration via [email protected]

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