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Dubai builds beach soccer stadium in record 25 days

Sports Dubai 24 Feb 24
Dubai builds beach soccer stadium in record 25 days
Dubai builds stadium in record 25 days for Fifa Beach Soccer World Cup UAE 2024.
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
24 February 2024, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 March 2024, 12:00 AM

Dubai will host the Beach Soccer World Cup for the second time in its history, from February 15 to 25, with the participation of 16 teams competing in 4 groups.

The organisers of the Fifa Beach Soccer World Cup UAE 2024 Dubai constructed the tournament's stunning stadium in the Dubai Design District in a record-breaking 25 days, shattering the previous record for building such facilities.

Traditionally, it takes between 60 and 90 days to build a beach soccer stadium completely, a rule that the "UAE 2024" World Cup stadium has shattered.

Beyond the standard specs, the beach soccer stadium boasts a unique feature: a pristine sand arena, at least 40 cm deep and spanning 36 metres by 27 metres. To create a memorable experience, the organisers chose a distinctive location beyond the traditional beach-front, adding a fresh touch to the tournament.

More than just sand and surf, the innovative stadium reimagines beach soccer in a vibrant, urban setting, nestled beside the city's lifeblood: the water canal. The organisers break the mold with the off-beach stadium, offering a stunning backdrop of the city's vital water canal, a testament to a testament to UAE's engineering prowess.

Jaime Yarza González. Director Fifa Tournaments, considered the new stadium the best in the history of the tournament, citing its facilities, capabilities, the materials used in its construction, and the record time in which it was built.

"The UAE's hosting of this World Cup for the second time makes it the only country in the world other than Brazil to have hosted it more than once," he added.

The heavy rains that fell two days ago did not affect the pitch of the Beach Soccer World Cup "UAE 2024" stadium, thanks to the use of a special type of sand that is the best in the world at absorbing water and not being negatively affected by it, he said.

"The rain will flow and will not affect the matches," he explained. "Fortunately, the weather now is very positive and encouraging for holding the matches and welcoming the fans."

The official explained that the stadium has a capacity of 3,900 spectators, with dedicated entrances and exits for each side. There will be two matches per day, with one ticket for the afternoon session and one for the evening session. Each session will accommodate 3,900 spectators.

Ticket prices for the World Cup matches range from Dh20 per day session during the early rounds, to Dh30 for the semifinals, and Dh40 for the final day.

Dubai beach soccer stadium

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