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Masters Champions League - MCL 2016

Sports Dubai Sports City 28 Jan 16 18:00 PM
Masters Champions League - MCL 2016
The Masters Champions League (MCL) is back this year, with retired legends of cricket, for a series of Twenty20 matches at the Dubai International Stadium from 28th January 2016 to 13th February 2016.
General- Dh.25, International Early Bird- Dh.75,
Event Location
Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Dubai Sports City
Start Time
28 January 2016, 06:00 PM
End Time
13 February 2016, 12:00 AM

The opening ceremony of the fast-paced T20 series will be held on the 28th January, followed by matches 1, 2 and 3 between the Libra Legends vs Gemini Arabians on the dates 28th, 29th and 30th of January, followed by semi-finals and the finals. The closing ceremony is to be held from 11th to 13th February.

This is your opportunity to see those great legends once again, as the MCL tournament is aimed towards realizing the best in cricket, acting as a bridge by unifying top cricket stars across the world in a unique league that has never so far been dreamt of in the cricket history.

Established in 2005, the first T20 match was played between Australia and New Zealand. The T20 match became instantly popular throughout the world, although the first ICC World Twenty20 Championship was played only two years later in 2007. The T20 format is shorter and consumes less time, but is more intense and an exciting alternative to the traditional one-day and test formats that consume more time.

Several of the cricketing superstars from across the world will be participating in this tournament together. Millions of cricket fans are likely to gather at the stadium to once again catch their favourite heroes in action.

The T20 is fully approved by the Emriates Cricket Board and endorsed by the Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA). The Masters Champions League (MCL) will be played in T20 format. Six teams of ex-international cricket players will compete in an action-packed series within UAE.

Some of the highlights of MCL T20 2016 are that it is divided into ‘Premiere Season’, with 6 franchised teams making their debut. Each team constitute top cricket legends who are no-longer players in international cricket. The teams will compete using a ‘round robin format’, with each team playing each other once. The four teams with highest points after playing five games each will qualify for semi-finals. Winners of semi-finals will proceed to play the prestigious grand finale of MCL, with the winning team carrying home the MCL Trophy and prize money.

The whole event will bring in a festival-like atmosphere in the region, including an opening and closing ceremony and a gala dinner. A portion of the revenue, so-generated from the tournament would go towards charity donations to qualifying ex-cricketers.

The match schedule and timing in Dubai are as below:

28th Jan 2016 6:00pm – Opening Ceremony – Libra Legends vs Gemini Arabians
29th Jan 2016 3.00pm – Oxigen Masters Champions League 2016 – Match Day 2
30th Jan 2016 3:00pm – Oxigen Masters Champions League 2016 – Match Day 3
11th Feb 2016 7.30pm - Oxigen Masters Champions League 2016 – Semi Finals 1
12th Feb 2016 7.30pm - Oxigen Masters Champions League 2016 – Semi Finals 2
13th Feb 2016 6.00pm - Oxigen Masters Champions League 2016 – Grand Finale

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