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Deliveroo UAE roll-outs enhanced summer initiatives

Special Offers Dubai 18 Jun 23
Deliveroo UAE roll-outs enhanced summer initiatives
Deliveroo's summer plans this year have been designed to ensure an experience that embodies comfort, care, and safety for riders.
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
18 June 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 July 2023, 12:00 AM

Deliveroo has introduced its first-ever fleet of air-conditioned Roo Buses and coasters across major cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah. Operational seven days a week, these vehicles provide riders with dedicated rest areas to cool down, hydrate, and relax between orders. The buses and coasters distribute water as well as cooling vests to riders, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Meanwhile, Deliveroo's existing network of Roo Vans continues to provide essential services such as minor bike repairs, checks for rear box lights, and basic first aid. These vans also offer water to riders, ensuring they can refuel while maintaining their bikes' optimal condition.

Deliveroo has also established designated rest areas equipped with comfortable seating, shaded spaces, cooling fans, and water distribution. These rest areas are strategically located alongside Roo Vans in high-density rider zones across all emirates, providing riders with convenient spots to take breaks during their shifts.

Comprehensive communications to educate riders on staying hydrated during the summer has also been implemented. Editions sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hop sites, rider centres, Roo Vans, rest areas, and buses will distribute water to riders and offer access to water dispensers for refilling riders' reusable water bottles.

Seasonal additions to Deliveroo rider kits include cooling vests designed to lower body temperature by up to 15°C, providing relief from the heat. Additionally, windshield visors have been installed on bikes to protect riders from adverse weather conditions, improve visibility, and enhance safety. The company has also installed phone mounts across rider bikers to prevent their phones from overheating.

Deliveroo UAE summer initiatives

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