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Dubai unveils world's largest ruby

Shopping Dubai 26 May 23
Dubai unveils world's largest ruby
Dubai unveils world's largest ruby, most vivid pink diamond; gems to go on sale on June 8.
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
26 May 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 June 2023, 12:00 AM

Eternal Pink and Estrela de Fura, two of the world’s most precious gemstones have been unveiled at the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE). The pink diamond and the ruby were unveiled by Sotheby’s and hosted by DMCC, the flagship free zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise.

The Estrela de FURA – a 55.22 carat stone that, due to being the largest and most valuable ruby to ever appear at auction, is expected to command in excess of $30 million. DMCC’s DDE first hosted the unveiling of the rough Estrela de FURA stone in September 2022 and has recently hosted tenders with leading coloured gemstone companies including Belmont Group, Bonas & Co., Fura Gems and Grizzley Mining company.

The pink diamond and the ruby will be available at auction in New York on June 8.

The Eternal Pink was a 23.78-carat rough yield mined by De Beers at the Damtshaa mine in Botswana. It was cut and polished by gem cutter Diacore and today measures at 10.57-carat in cushion shape. It is described as an internally flawless “fancy vivid purplish-pink diamond.”

Its per-carat estimate of more than $3.3m is the largest such estimate ever placed on a diamond or gemstone, according to Sotheby’s. The auction house said the Eternal Pink is “the most vivid pink diamond to come to market” and is estimated to fetch in excess of $35m.

The Estrela de Fura which measures at 55.22 carats was first unveiled at the DDE in its rough state as a 101 carat stone in 2022. Sotheby’s describes the stone’s journey from its rough state to the auction stage on its website.

“We are honoured that Dubai has been chosen to display these exceptional rarities in our galleries, and to continue to make Sotheby’s Dubai the leading showcase in the Middle East for the world’s rarest and most valuable diamonds and gemstones,” Katia Nounou Boueiz, Head of Sotheby’s UAE said in the statement.

“After being unveiled in Dubai last autumn as an astonishing 101 carat rough, it is especially thrilling to see Estrela de FURA 55.22 in its newly crafted state and return triumphantly to the DMCC as the world’s largest and most valuable ruby to ever come to market. Exhibiting these one-of-a-kind stones – both in our DIFC gallery and at the unparalleled Dubai Diamond Exchange – is a clear continuation of our dedication to showcasing the best of the best in the UAE.”

It was mined at Fura Gems’s Montepuez mining operation in Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique. The ruby was packed and exported under the supervision of the Mozambiquan government to Fura’s headquarters in Dubai, where it was displayed for several days last year. It was then sent to Bangkok to be cut and polished by gem cutter Chirapat under the supervision of the Fura team.

The red gemstone today commands the title of being the world’s largest and most valuable ruby to ever appear at auction. Gübelin Gem Lab, an authority on gemological analysis, states: “The ruby is setting a new record not only for Mozambican rubies, but also for rubies in general.” It is expected to command a price tag in excess of $30m.

Dubai world largest ruby

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