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First health hub for good medicine opens in Jumeirah

Shopping Dubai 14 Nov 22
First health hub for good medicine opens in Jumeirah
The first-of-its-kind health hub in Jumeirah tackles the underlying causes of health issues and empowers people to improve their lifestyles
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
14 November 2022, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 November 2022, 12:00 AM

A new health hub that treats patients' overall wellbeing — and not just their diseases — opened in Dubai on Friday.

Called Wellth, the facility in Jumeirah practises the integrative medicine approach, which is also called 'good medicine'.

Wellth's opening comes at a time when the UAE is seeing a spike in the number of people who are prioritising their health in a post-Covid world.

Instead of zeroing in on illnesses, the first-of-its-kind hub empowers patients to lead healthy lives so they can tackle and prevent chronic or hereditary diseases. It offers a range of therapies that boost one's immunity and improve overall wellbeing.

It will offer a range of complementary therapies, curated by two trusted proponents of integrated medicine worldwide — Dr Deepak Chopra along with Dr Frank Lipman.

Asked whether this approach can be considered 'alternative medicine', Dr Frank Lipman, key advisor of Wellth, said: “We need to get away from the terms ‘complementary and alternative medicine’ because we are offering different ways of healing to our patients including medications if needed.

"But whatever modality we use, we will always look for the underlying causes of the problem and always work with diet, lifestyle and other therapies first to try to create the changes that are needed to rectify the problem.”

Dubai Wellth health Jumeirah

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