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Save money grocery shopping in Dubai

Shopping Dubai 26 Mar 21
Save money grocery shopping in Dubai
Best days to buy poultry, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables! Monthly trends for price of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood in Dubai
Event Location
Dubai , Dubai
Start Time
26 March 2021, 12:00 AM
End Time
10 April 2021, 12:00 AM

When analysing the cost of poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, here are a few useful patterns that can assist a shopper in saving money in both the short run and even more so in the longer term.

Ideal days for grocery discounts?

During the course of these months, it was observed to be cost effective to buy fresh chicken during the start of the week, especially most Mondays. On the other hand the cost of seafood and vegetables were seen to be largely cheaper halfway through the week, and cost-effective fruits could be ideally picked up towards the end of the week.

When it would be ideal to pick up seafood?

If you were wondering about which part of the week would be ideal to pick up seafood at a lesser-than-usual cost, the answer is still mid-week. A study of prices over the last eight months proved that the cost of fish and shrimp dropped mostly on Wednesdays, while prices were seen higher during the start of the week.

Moreover, when analysing prices of these fish species, it was also observed that the days prices largely stayed consistently high was at the start of the week, particularly Monday and sometimes on Sunday - so it would be safe to avoid stocking up on seafood soon after the weekend, to take it easy on your pocket and your finances.

Day of the week that would be best to pick up fruits?

The study of prices over the last eight months also showed that the cost of all fruits got cheaper towards the end of the week, making the weekend an ideal time to go shopping for fruits!

A weekly trend was also observed wherein the price of bananas started getting cheaper around mid-week and the cheapest during the weekend, so did citrus fruits.

A similar pattern arose when analysing the cost of apples, which fell slightly towards the end of the week and got comparatively pricier at the start of the week, particularly on Sunday and Monday.

Most veggies get cheap mid-week!

When it comes to vegetables, prices were mostly seen dropping mid-week in the last 24 weeks, or a little over eight months.

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