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​Korean Fashion Pop-up at Hai D3

Pop Ups Dubai 30 Sep 18 18:00 PM
​Korean Fashion Pop-up at Hai D3
Dubai’s Latest Streetwear Label ‘Angelsyrup’ is showcasing its latest Korean-inspired collection at a special event in Dubai Design District on 30 September 2018.
Event Location
In5 Design, Container 2, Dubai Design District, Dubai
Start Time
30 September 2018, 06:00 PM
End Time
30 September 2018, 11:00 PM

First in South Africa and now in Dubai, Angel Syrup is the new street-based brand and is here to put the spotlight on the youth of Dubai and represent them in the fashion scene. Both appealing and affordable, Angelsyrup is making its mark on Dubai’s burgeoning streetwear scene with its aesthetic designs influenced by underground music.

Visit in5 Design in Hai d3, Dubai Design District, to see Angel Syrup’s latest collection of Korean-inspired streetwear that pops with vibrant colours, along with posters, illustrations and a short film about Angelsyrup. Polaroid souvenirs will be given to attendees. The event is organised by The Ajala Project for one of its collectives, Tariq Abdellah, Angelsyrup co-founder.

Although new to the scene, one of the founders of the brand Dhan Corpuz explains that the label has big plans. “Our plans for the future are start shipping worldwide, reach out to media, and involving the community in our projects, such as local artists, producers, and other clothing brands.” The organizers expect the unique designs and brand name on the sleeves will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Stay tuned for their upcoming ‘cause they’ll by a mix of culture & grimey – and that’ll be the start of a whole new street fashion era!

For more about their homies – follow their instagram @angelsyrupclothing or shop on

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