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Fees for all private schools available online

Other Dubai 09 Jun 22
Fees for all private schools available online
Dubai: Fees for all private schools now available online. Parents can get accurate and up-to-date list.
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Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
09 June 2022, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 June 2022, 12:00 AM

An online resource in Dubai has details of academic fees of private schools in the emirate. Authorities said the ‘School Fees Fact Sheet’ is a one-page reference that lists all mandatory and optional fees that private schools may charge during an academic year.

Information is now available for schools that begin the year in September. In the first roll-out of the resource, Dubai’s education regulator had listed the fees for schools that start their academic year in April.

In addition to mandatory tuition fees, the fact sheet includes details of other verified fees that parents would pay during an academic year. These include transportation, extra-curricular activities, school trips and books, among others. It will also include information on discounts and scholarships given by each school, if applicable.

The sheet will also be included in the annual parent-school contract.

The resource is publicly viewable on KHDA’s website (https://web.khda.gov.ae/en/Education-Directory/Schools), giving parents an option to compare schools.

Dubai School Fees Fact SheetDubai KHDA updates 2022

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