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Young Talents Concert 2019

Music Downtown Dubai 22 Jun 19 16:00 PM
Young Talents Concert 2019
Talented young soloists that have performed in Dubai Opera's popular 'Music in the Studio' masterclass series come together for a stunning middle of year concert that will be conducted by Maestro Munir Bakieh on 22nd June.
Event Location
Dubai opera , Dubai
Downtown Dubai
Start Time
22 June 2019, 04:00 PM
End Time
22 June 2019, 12:00 AM

Dubai Opera audiences are in for a treat with a special one off performance on 22nd June by the most talented and gifted young artists who have all performed in the ‘Music in the Studio’ Masterclass series this year...

This annual Young Talents Concert returns to celebrate the wealth of young musical talent in the UAE. They'll be playing a range of instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin and flute, accompanied by captivating vocal performances.

Soloists, conductors and orchestral members will take the stage, along with the National Youth Orchestra, which stars 30 of the most gifted musicians in the UAE and is conducted by Maestro Munir Bakieh.

Block your calendars this 22 June and let some of the talented soloists in the UAE serenade you in the exclusive 'Music in the Studio' Young Talents Concert!

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