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Villas can be 3D-printed in 2 weeks, says firm

Latest News Dubai 01 Mar 24
Villas can be 3D-printed in 2 weeks, says firm
Dubai: Villas can be 3D-printed in as little as 2 weeks, says firm.
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Dubai, Dubai
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01 March 2024, 12:00 AM
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31 March 2024, 12:00 AM

A 3D-printed building is now standing tall at the entrance of a residential community in Dubai. The fully functional gatehouse has been designed as the control centre for Nakheel’s Tilal Al Furjan residential complex.

Being the entry point to the residential development, the gatehouse will serve as a “landmark allowing the public to familiarise itself with 3D-printed buildings”, developer Nakheel said in a statement.

Dubai-based 3D printing technology for construction company Printstone3D said the gatehouse has a canopy that is nearly triple the size of the building itself. A communications hub with CCTV cameras and utility meters, the structure accommodates more than 90 cables and pipes of varying functionalities and diameters in a confined space.

Printstone3D is primarily focused on the construction of one-two storey residential buildings, its chief executive said in an interview.

“3D-printing a 120sqm villa or house would take around two weeks. A big one-storey villa can be printed within a month, while G+1 villa will take up to three months,” said Nikolay Kudryashov, CEO of the company. “However, we are preparing for future demand for high-rise buildings too. A new generation of printers capable of constructing buildings up to six-eight storeys is under construction now.”

“The 3D construction printing technology allows for the printing of vertical structures such as walls or fences, and even some elements inside the building itself, such as a kitchen island or other interior details,” said Kudryashov.

Dubai aims to have 25 per cent of its buildings constructed using 3D printing technology by 2030.

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