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Two flights diverted to Dubai due to engine failure

Latest News Dubai 02 Jun 23
Two flights diverted to Dubai due to engine failure
Two passenger flights diverted to Dubai due to engine failure, bird strike. Several travellers were left stranded at the airport
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Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
02 June 2023, 12:00 AM
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30 June 2023, 12:00 AM

Two passenger flights travelling on different routes were diverted to Dubai in the last couple days after encountering mid-air emergencies.

A KLM flight from Bangkok was on its to Amsterdam on Friday when it declared an "emergency route", according to media reports.

Flight KL876 — on a Boeing 777-200ER plane — pushed the general emergency alert while flying over Iran, making Dubai one of the nearest airports where it could land safely.

The aircraft experienced an engine failure, prompting the pilot to steer the flight to Dubai. Emergency teams reportedly met the plane upon its arrival.

In related incident, Adomestic Indian flight from Mangalore to Bangalore had to be diverted to Dubai earlier this week, leaving several passengers stranded at the airport.

IndiGo airline had to move flights because a Dubai-bound aircraft wasn't able to take off that morning because of a bird strike. A total of 160 passengers had to disembark, before being moved to the plane that had just arrived from Bangalore, according to media reports.

The rescheduled Dubai flight left around three hours later, making the Bangalore-bound passengers wait for another aircraft.

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