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RTA - Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project update

Latest News Dubai 19 Mar 23
RTA - Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project update
Dubai: RTA project will help motorists save Dh45 billion over two decades, reduce travel time from 104 to 16 minutes by 2030.
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Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
19 March 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 April 2023, 12:00 AM

On Sunday, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai, awarded a Dh800 million contract for Phase 4 of the Al-Shindagha Corridor. Travel time will drastically reduce from 104 minutes to just 16 minutes by 2030 for motorists travelling around Deira and Bur Dubai after completing the Al-Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project.

In addition, one million people will benefit from the project and have about Dh45 billion in savings over two decades.

Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of RTA, said it is one of the largest projects currently being undertaken, with an estimated cost of Dh5.3 billion. The project encompasses the construction of 15 intersections spanning 13 km in total. Due to its massive scope, the project had been split into five phases. The Corridor serves Deira and Bur Dubai in addition to several development projects such as Deira Islands, Dubai Seafront, Dubai Maritime City and Port Rashid.

“Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project, which spans 13km along Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Mina Road, Al Khaleej Street, and Cairo Street, contributes to a smooth traffic flow along the Corridor. It will also enhance roads capacity, efficiency, and traffic safety,” said Al Tayer.

While Dh800-million Phase 4 contract covers three bridges spanning 3.1 km in total, capable of accommodating 19,400 vehicles per hour across all lanes across 4.8 km of development work along Sheikh Rashid Road from the intersection with Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street to the Falcon Interchange on Al Mina Road.

The first bridge is a 3-lane road stretching 1.33 km to ensure a smooth traffic flow between Sheikh Rashid Road and Falcon Intersection, with a capacity of 10,800 vehicles per hour in both directions. The second is a three-lane bridge extending 780 metres to serve the traffic inbound from Falcon Interchange heading to Al Wasl Road with a capacity of 5,400 vehicles per hour. The third is a two-lane bridge extending 985 metres to serve the traffic inbound from Jumeirah Street heading to Al Mina Road in the direction of Falcon Interchange with a capacity of 3,200 vehicles per hour.

Al Shindagha Corridor Project Dubai RTA updates

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