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Tips to pass RTA driving test on first try

Latest News Dubai 14 Mar 23
 Tips to pass RTA driving test on first try
Dubai: 12 tips that can help you pass RTA driving test on first try.
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Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
14 March 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 March 2023, 12:00 AM

Anyone aged 18 and above can apply for a driving licence in Dubai. But if you ask people about passing the driving test, most of them will tell you that it could take several attempts. Acing it on the first try is quite 'rare', they say.

Many people apply for the driving test, but not everyone passes on their first attempt. This is because the driver’s licence test by Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is meant to evaluate learners thoroughly before they can get behind the wheel. It may sound difficult to clear, but it is not impossible.

According to driving instructors, the road test pass rate in Dubai is about 50 per cent. This is about the same in the UK, where the driving test pass rate was only 47.1 per cent between January and March 2022.

Preparation is the key and here are 10 tips to ace the driving test:

• Don’t fail to make effective observations at junctions.
• Emerge and pass through crossroads after making observations to the right or left.
• Check your mirrors and always use the indicators when changing lanes
• When exiting a roundabout, check your mirrors before following the vehicle in front of you.
• Have proper control of the steering wheel and put your hands in the proper position.
• When you move off from behind a parked vehicle, check first your mirrors and blind spot.
• Follow your lane, do not drive too close to the kerb or centre of the road.
• Brake at the right time and in the right manner; applying sudden brakes will lead to road test
• Rest well prior to the test.
• Finally, when you take the road rest, be confident, relax, and always stay alert on the road.

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