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Residents report hike in gas delivery prices

Food Dubai 23 May 22
Residents report hike in gas delivery prices
Some UAE residents who continue to use gas cylinders have observed an additional expenditure in their invoices.
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Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
23 May 2022, 12:00 AM
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31 May 2022, 12:00 AM

UAE residents say their suppliers have recently started adding 'delivery charges', which excludes the price of the cylinder and VAT.

While fuel prices in the UAE dipped in May, delivery riders say diesel is Dh4.08 litre this month, compared to Dh4.02 in April, resulting in higher transportation costs.

Dubai resident, Anuradha Chakraborty, says she has noticed a surge in gas cylinder prices. "I remember that even two years ago, two cylinders, which were 22kg each, used to cost me around Dh230. Now, it's over Dh310, but it lasts around a full year," she said.

Meanwhile, Indian expat Shreya Ghosh ordered a 22-kg cylinder, the cost was Dh133.5. But the delivery rider informed her that the company has started charging an additional Dh10 due to the hike in fuel prices.

"Therefore, the total bill amounted to Dh150.5 for one cylinder," she said. "I am planning to switch to some other gas cylinder delivery company or at least compare prices to see who's offering competitive rates."

Dubai’s top gas cylinder delivery companies include Emirates Gas, Yalla Gas, Brothers Gas, LPG Supply Nad Al Shiba Gas, Lahej & Sultan, New City Gas, Al Jumeirah Gas and Blue Flame Gas, among others.

Some residents have said it may be time to switch to piped gas as it is more economical than conventional fuel.

UAE gas delivery prices

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