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Iftar at The Media Lounge

Food Dubai Media City 16 May 18
Iftar at The Media Lounge
Promoting healthy and delicious eating through cult favourites, The Media Lounge has made a name for itself for serving up edible goodness from the heart of Dubai’s Media City.
Dh69 per person
Event Location
The Media Lounge, Concorde Tower, Dubai
Dubai Media City
Start Time
16 May 2018, 12:00 AM
End Time
14 June 2018, 12:00 AM

Over the past year or more, Dubai has seen an increasing number of eateries with social and work connectivity at the heart of their concept. No wonder then, that the emirate’s communication hub, Dubai Media City, has its own social and professional networking space at The Media Lounge.

Serving up hearty goodness throughout the day, The Media Lounge will be conducting business as usual with an added bonus. Those observing the auspicious month of Ramadan can delight in the most generous Iftar and Suhoor set menus, whilst others can just indulge to beat the summer blues.

Priced at AED 69 per person, the Iftar set menu includes all the makings of sumptuous Arabic meal, starting off with a delicious Mezza Platter featuring favourites like Hummus, Kibbeh and Samosas and a choice of soups from the the Carrot Ginger Soup to the Lentil soup. Top up the meal with delightful main course options varying everyday ranging from an enticing Chicken Biryani to Beef Stew and Sesame Salmon. Finish it off on a sweet note with a signature TML dessert, like Kunafa, Nutella Cheese Cake or a Fresh Fruit Bowl. Top up the Iftar experience with a soothing mix of shisha before 9 PM for just 85 AED.

Following Iftar, the Lounge will be serving up a Sohour set menu for just AED 49 per person, serving a generous three course meal to diners, including starters, a main and dessert! With choices ranging from the Authentic Egyptian Fouls, Assorted fresh Manakeesh and Shakshouka among many others, there is a bite to delight everyone at The Media Lounge.

Located on the ground floor of the Concord Tower, The Media Lounge is divided between two
spaces (with a little outdoor seating). They have 2 seating area for sheesha lovers and for non smokers. To one side, there is a spacious, bright area, where rolls of newspaper line the walls (for the look, not for reading). Murals display ‘media’ buzzwords, or chart the rise of communication technology – from the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century, to Pinterest. Seating is a simple mix of café tables, plus cosier corners with armchairs covered in black and white photos of icons from Marilyn Monroe to Kurt Kobain. This is the smoking area, where you can opt for shisha if you wish.

The other side of the café (this is missed by most diners) is a smoke-free zone. This has a smarter, cleaner, newer look to it, but lacks a little of the ‘media’ atmosphere, since the walls are decorated with food images, making it look much more like any other café. Here, there is also a small space with a projection screen, designed for hosting meetings, as well as a food counter where you can order.

The Media Lounge will be open all day through Ramadan, giving patrons the choice to make the most of its fare with dine-in, delivery and takeaway options.

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