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Dubai: Biggest indoor market for fruits, vegetables

Food, Shopping Dubai 21 Jul 23
Dubai: Biggest indoor market for fruits, vegetables
Dubai Municipality opens biggest Indoor Market for fresh fruits and vegetables
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
21 July 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 August 2023, 12:00 AM

Amidst the scorching summer, Dubai has opened a cool oasis that will change the way residents shop for fruits and veggies in bulk from the Al Aweer area known for housing the emirate’s Central Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Welcome to the city’s newest gem: a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned fruit and vegetable market extending over 66,000 sqm. Dubai Municipality on Monday opened the Bloom Market, said to be the region’s biggest air-conditioned fruit and vegetable market.

The newly opened 66 thousand-square-meter space spans two stories and will have over 600 booths and platforms on the ground floor. The first floor will include a parking space so you don’t have to worry about walking too far to get to your car with heavy watermelons in tow, while the third floor is home to three restaurants.

Dawood Al Hajri, director general of Dubai Municipality, officially inaugurated the Bloom Market in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3. It is located just a kilometre away from Dubai’s Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, which is also known after the area Al Aweer.

With the accompaniment of African drum beats and songs, guests stepped into the world of freshness as they toured the stalls where umpteen varieties of colourful fruits and vegetables were stacked up neatly. A festive ambiance prevailed in the sprawling facility as the municipality arranged special entertainment activities and refreshments for the customers and guests on the inaugural day.

In addition to imported items, it will also bring fresh produce from local farms to consumers.

Mohammed Faraidooni, Director of Markets at Dubai Municipality said,“The market will complete the current fruits and vegetables market,” he added. “It will not compete with the current market and vendors. The uniqueness about this market is that it will serve both business to consumers, as well as business to business customers.”

He further added that the prices in the market are extremely competitive as compared to retail places. “When you come here, unlike retail supermarkets you get a better rate as you are buying from the source directly,” he said. “The price will be more competitive.”

There are also plans afoot to develop the fruits and vegetable market further. “We have hired an international consultant who is studying the development and expansion of the current market,” said Faraidooni. “This market will get bigger. We will expand it to include dates, eggs and poultry. We will expand the variety of items here.”

Dubai bloom market

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