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Shop on Wednesdays for seafoods

Food, Shopping Dubai 13 Sep 20
Shop on Wednesdays for seafoods
If you were wondering which day of the week would be ideal to shop for seafood this September, the answer is - Wednesday: analysis
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Dubai , Dubai
Start Time
13 September 2020, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 September 2020, 12:00 AM

Shopping on Wednesday for seafood will get you the lowest prices!

An ideal time to buy any variant of fish or shrimp is halfway through the week.

Study of prices over the last four weeks showed that the cost of fish and shrimp dropped halfway through the week. When analyzing prices, it was also observed that the days prices largely stayed consistently high was the start of the week, particularly Sunday and Monday.

The price of all seafood variants, be it Seabass, Hamour, Kingfish, Salmon, Sea Bream or small-sized shrimp, was seen dropping mid-week in the past weeks. So, that would be good news for those seafood-lovers who were looking for cost-effective days to shop!

As of Wednesday, among fish variants, Kingfish costs Dh35.9, while Salmon was priced at Dh38.9. Seabass costs Dh38 per kilogram and Hamour was priced at Dh60. On the other hand, a kilo of Sea Bream costs Dh34, while small-sized shrimp was cheaply currently priced at Dh24.9.

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