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Meet Robo-firemen at Intersec 2024

Exhibitions Dubai 23 Jan 24
Meet Robo-firemen at Intersec 2024
Dubai: Move over RoboCop, meet Robo-firemen. The firefighting robots can save lives of firefighters themselves.
Event Location
Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
23 January 2024, 12:00 AM
End Time
29 February 2024, 12:00 AM

New remote-controlled electric robotic fire fighters made their way at the recent Intersec 2024 in Dubai.

They are the capable ‘assistants’ of human firefighters. Their mission is to enter burning buildings too risky for human survival. They can operate when smoke is too toxic for human lungs. They can lift heavy objects and even serve as a platform for stretcher to carry wounded individuals.

Firefighting robots have not yet been deployed to extinguish actual fires in the country but there are local distributors of mechanised fire responders, including Dubai-based fire protection systems supplier NAFFCO and a couple of distributors from China. They showcased their products at Intersec 2024.

There is also a Dubai-based company that unveiled last year a mobile firefighter called Wabel (which means heavy rain in Arabic).

According to distributors of ‘robo-firemen’, the firefighting robots can save the lives of firefighters themselves. “Instead of risking sending human rescuers to enter dangerous places to extinguish the fire, the robots can be deployed instead."

“The ‘robo-firemen’ can put out the blaze that broke out in a petrochemical plant, large warehouse, buildings and other places with high temperature and strong thermal radiation. They are built to withstand a wall that collapsed or any area with dangerous contamination,” said Adam Cui, sales manager of Shandong GuoXing Intelligent Technology.

“The firefighting robots are equipped with cameras and are remote-controlled by trained personnel. They have treads like a tank and can navigate dangerous places. The frontal nozzle can shoot or spray either water or foam.”

“Firefighting robots are remote-controlled, but researchers are now developing “intelligent” firefighting robots that can make decisions autonomously,” he added.

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