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Floral art exhibition opens at Pullman Hotel in JLT

Exhibitions Jumeirah Lakes Towers 06 Nov 23
Floral art exhibition opens at Pullman Hotel in JLT
Look: Dubai's floral art exhibition breathes flowers to life on canvases.
Event Location
Pullman Hotel, Dubai
Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Start Time
06 November 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 November 2023, 12:00 AM

Flowers of all shapes and sizes bloomed at the Pullman Hotel in Jumeirah Lakes Towers this past weekend, creating a breathtaking spectacle of natural beauty.

Curated by the longstanding Dubai-based German expatriate, Peter Gressmann, the floral art exhibition celebrated the artistry of 11 international artists who skilfully immortalised flowers on their canvases.

Peter Gressmann, who made his first visit to the UAE in 1979, is the founder of Artforum UAE, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting artists from the Middle East. Since 2019, he has taken on the role of curator, orchestrating exhibitions at various venues across the UAE.

The event brought together a diverse array of flora-inspired artwork, each piece a testament to the artists' unique perspectives and talents.

Faeza Mohammad exhibited an innate sense of beauty in her Impressionist paintings, imbuing her landscapes with a textured and tactile quality.

Ukrainian artist Maryna Futymska focused on intricate, detailed depictions of flowers, resulting in a gentle undulation and melodic flow in her art.

Mridu Srivastava, hailing from India, captured flowers with a style reminiscent of Georgia O'Keeffe, infusing her work with dynamism and energy. Lavanya Varma, also from India, portrayed flowers in a Macro style, blurring the line between abstraction and realism, creating a captivating paradox.

The exhibition not only showcased the artistic prowess of the participants but also served as a platform for cultural exchange, as art enthusiasts and connoisseurs from Dubai and beyond mingled, sharing their appreciation for these botanical masterpieces.

Priyathanya Ramanath, an Indian artist, created art that exuded a tranquil stillness, with colours and juxtapositions that had a dreamy, rhythmic quality. Shrutika Gosavi's paintings were marked by spontaneous expressionism, particularly in her piece titled 'Golden Date,' which straddled the line between realism and the subconscious.

Rafa Tom's Impressionist style added a captivating touch to his art, especially in his portrayals of women within picturesque landscapes, achieving a fine equilibrium between realistic scenery and an ethereal, impressionistic atmosphere.

Dubai floral art exhibition

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