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Dubai Pet Festival is back

Exhibitions, Family, Entertainment Dubai 18 Dec 20 12:00 PM
 Dubai Pet Festival is back
Pets and their owners can spend the day together at the 'Dubai pet festival', on December 18 at Al Warsan, Dubai.
Event Location
Al Warsan Birds & Pets Market Grounds, Dubai
Start Time
18 December 2020, 12:00 PM
End Time
18 December 2020, 10:00 PM

The much-awaited Dubai Pet Festival will be held next Friday (December 18) and pet owners will be expected to adhere to a new set of rules, besides the usual dos and don’ts.

Shree Nair of the organiser PetMe said, “While pets attending the annual festival have always been subjected to health checks before they enter the venue, this time round, pet owners too will have to undergo a thermal temeprature scan as a COVID-19 safety precautionary measure”.

Presented by Hill’s Pet Food, the event will be held at the Al Warsan Birds & Pets Market Grounds from noon till 10 pm.

In terms of the activities too, the festival will be a featuring a first - a dog obedience challenge where Dubai’s dog training prowess can be put on show.

“Although obedience challenges are common internationally, this is the first time we are having it here. The event will showcase the training skills of both trainers and pet owners, but the idea is also to raise awareness about the importance of good training. Pet owners walking their dogs on the street, for example, must know how to handle their pets to avoid accidents or creating a nuisance,” said Nair.

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