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Jesus Carmona at Dubai Opera

Entertainment Downtown Dubai 19 Sep 18 20:00 PM
Jesus Carmona at Dubai Opera
Jesus Carmona, master of rhythm and stillness - and a representative of the new wave in Spanish dance — with his company of 11 dancers, musicians, and vocalists ...
​• AED 160 Silver ​• AED 320 Gold • AED 480 Platin
Event Location
Dubai Opera, Dubai
Downtown Dubai
Start Time
19 September 2018, 08:00 PM
End Time
19 September 2018, 12:00 AM

Enjoy the charismatic and compelling performance of flamenco dancer Jesus Carmona at Dubai Opera on 19th September where beautiful balletic compassion meets valiant and commanding flamenco footwork.

What makes a flamenco star? A driving sense of rhythm. A visceral, almost carnal connection with the musicians onstage. (Flamenco is primarily a musical form, as the pros love to remind us.) And, of course, impressive technique: crisp, blindingly fast footwork, deep backbends, sculptural arms, fluid hands. Jesus Carmona has all these things.

Known for his incredible footwork and his ballet-infused style, Carmona is considered a pioneer in the dance genre’s evolution. He will be performing 'Impetus' (Bursting with Energy) live at Dubai Opera this September alongside his company of 11 dancers, musicians, and vocalists, in a show featuring scores by great Spanish composers Albeniz, Riqueni, and Escudero.

It’s not a traditional flamenco evening; in its purest form, flamenco is improvised. “Ímpetus” is structured like a thoughtful traversal through various dance styles. In Mr. Carmona’s words, “It’s not exactly ballet, and it’s not exactly escuela bolera, and it’s not flamenco. It’s a hybrid.”

Don’t miss the ‘Impetus', a spirited and enthusiastic work which exudes energy and showcases the highest level of improvised flamenco performance.

Please call +971 4 440 8888 or email boxoffice@dubaiopera.com

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