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Global village: Happiness Street Fest - Women's Edition

Entertainment Dubai 08 Mar 23
Global village: Happiness Street Fest - Women's Edition
Dubai: Global Village announces new festival; 30 live performances daily by female street artists, entertainers.
Event Location
Dubai Global village, Dubai
Start Time
08 March 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
20 March 2023, 12:00 AM

Global Village will celebrate International Women's Day and the International Day of Happiness together with the 'Happiness Street Fest - Women's Edition'.

The festival promises to put on a spectacular show, with over 30 live performances daily from female street performers from countries all over the world - Canada, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, to name a few.

Here are some of the talented artists coming to town for the two-week festival, which will run from March 8 to 20:

Jessica Arpin: A talented street performer from Switzerland, she certainly lives up to her title of bicycle acrobat. During her gripping act, you will be left in awe at how she juggles, upside down while on a bicycle!

Theaker Von Ziarno – The Aerial Muse:
An international street artist, rigger, and festival producer from Australia. Using aerial silk, she becomes Minerva who transforms into a plane, an old sailing ship, and sometimes even a ship at the point of departure. Her unique way of storytelling will certainly leave you enthralled!

Sara Twister – Acrobatic Archery:
Did you know this sharp shooting sensation can fire a bow with her feet while she balances on her arms? Yes, the skilful acrobatic archer, Sara Twister from Germany, is definitely someone you shouldn’t miss performing!

This season’s Happiness Street Fest will also include unique shows and performances from magician Billy Kid from the UK, Cata Catarsis circus from Spain, the funambulist Espuma Bruma and Mona Ciro from Argentina, and more.

Access to the Happiness Street Fest comes free with park admission tickets, which are available via the app, online, or at the gate.

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